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Your Workshops

Students will be immersed in a practical, hands-on, fun day of experimentation and study while teachers can be confident of objectives and results that are fully in line with the exam syllabus.  

Your 2023 subject-specific study sites will be based at either Powerscourt Waterfall, Co. Wicklow (just off the N11), Larch Hill Scout Centre, Tibradden, Co. Dublin (just off the M50),  or with our mobile team at a suitable venue of your choice. You choose the river site that suits you and your students. Both sites have plenty of bus parking, toilet facilities, and onsite study-specific river access. Join us for a complete outdoor experience, the real field study. Intensive fieldwork with tarp shelters close to the river introduces a unique learning environment where all students must participate and engage.

We offer field studies for Junior Certificate, Transition Year, and Leaving Certificate.


Junior Certificate.

My Geography CBA2. Students investigate how a man-made feature can impact the river environment. A workshop designed to tick all the syllabus requirements.

Transition Year.

An introduction to river study skills. Students compare and contrast different field study methods. This workshop is focused on critical thinking and preparing for the Leaving cert GI.

Leaving Certificate.

2023 Leaving Certificate Geography Field Study title options:

  1. “Investigate the role played by geomorphic processes on the formation of one landform in a fluvial environment”.
  2. “Human interaction with geomorphic processes in a fluvial environment”.

Exploring the river, students will investigate and measure the active river processes and how the river uses its energy to shape the landscape.

Our equipment includes transect tapes and poles, calipers, pebbleometers, flowmeters, clinometers, meter sticks, gradometers, etc. Your knowledge, our experience, and the comprehensive task choice are all we need to create your bespoke study.

Contact us today to chat about your bespoke Geography Field Study Investigation.

What you and your students can expect from us:

We are first & foremost an educational company

We provide a unique, practical learning environment

We focus on one specialised area of learning

Students are provided with a memorable & fun experience

Students will focus on highlighting & developing practical skills

We set out defined objectives & clear results on every programme

Students gain an understanding of the river & it’s processes

We are on hand throughout to guide them through the day

A full information pack is provided before field study

On the day…

Your day starts with an introduction to the Branch Out team and base set up under shelters beside the river.

Practical understanding of your tasks and equipment. Students work with their individual instructors in small groups to familiarise themselves with the equipment and tasks and prepare for the river.

Measure and record at the perfect specimen river that fulfils the curriculum criteria for this year. Students will complete their tasks and collect a full set of results.

Return to the tarps for a short lunch break before discussing results and outcomes.

A field study day is approximately 3 to 4 hours long, which allows most school groups to be back in time for school buses home. Branch out will provide wellingtons, clip boards and equipment for the students. To optimise the experience a teacher/ student personalised worksheet will be sent to your school before the workshop. Teachers are welcome to use our wellingtons,  and enjoy a hot drink and treats at the river’s edge.

Task revision videos are available on our youtube channel “branchout educate outdoors”

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