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Branch Out believes that all students have the ability to be resourceful, confident, engaged and active learners.  Our outdoor programmes by their very nature encourage physical well being and mental health. 

Green Audit

Learning by doing

Green audit is a fun Eco themed team building challenge. Students tackle the environmentally focused tasks which are designed around problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.  Points collected throughout the event will give an advantage for the final big challenge. Lots of fun, laughter and excitement.

 The Green Audit tasks encourage students to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses  while sparking questions about environmental issues. Communication, problem solving, working with others, time management and planning are essential!

 Teachers can avail of our brief and debrief teaching information sheets that can be used for classroom sessions .   These are designed around strength based education and the SPHE guidelines for goals, objectives, learning outcomes, and conclusions.

Located at one of our Dublin/Wicklow venues or at your school.

Close the Loop

Learning by doing

Our exciting series of forest based workshops encourage personal and group health through the medium of outdoor practical tasks. The essentials of life – oxygen, water, food and shelter. Back to basics and learn how to build shelters, Swedish fire candles and promote resource and energy efficiency.  Learn a skill and enjoy some fire roasted “smores”! 

Develop student confidence, active learning, resourcefulness and sustainable consciousness. By experimenting with basic skills students can explore the impact of how we live today and the possibilities of a cleaner life in the future. 

Participation in Close the Loop can be done as a series of workshops or as a single element 

Located at one of our Dublin or Wicklow forest venues.



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